Kayla K.
Tamara is by far the best in all of NYC. I have been to many dermatologists and estheticians over the years, and I cannot praise her enough. With all that is going on, I have been very stressed and have had anxiety causing my skin to have cystic acne - the maskne is REAL!
Kate G.
I am so grateful for Tamara's magic hands, deep knowledge of skin types, and creating best routine for my skincare with the best quality products. Tamara has been taking care of my very sun-damaged skin for a while and what we have achieved is a miracle. I get constant compliments on my skin!!!! it's so hard to find right person and once you do you are a lucky one. Thank you, Tamara!
V C.
I sought out Tamara's service because of severe acne. I previously tried going to various dermatologists and used numerous medications without any success. This changed with the help of Tamara. From day one she was very hospitable and worked with me to create a plan to improve your skin. With her guidance and treatments I now have little to no acne. I would highly recommend Tamara's service to anyone who has struggled with acne.